About The V0id

Last Updated: Dec 29th, 2018

Hello, my name is ▒▓█▓█ █░░██. I am a cyber security analyst and an engineer. I have created this website to document my research around and sudden discovery of a hidden massive peer to peer network that I've nicknamed "The V0id".

An Example Message From The Void (Click to reveal)
Berry - Double - Green Tea - Honey here lies the mistake

In late 2018 when I was reversing a malware sample, I discovered the malware was primarily communicating over an unfamiliar application layer protocol for its Command and Control (C2) functions.

At first, I thought this was a large botnet, but after further research, I realized this network was not used for only malicious communications. In fact, it was a distributed content storage network. [1] Most of the entries are encrypted, but a non-trivial portion of the entries turned out unencrypted base64 encoded messages in english. Even stranger, the messages appeared to be parts of disturbing conversations.

Over the last month, I've spent all of my free time pulling random data from this distributed peer to peer network and trying to make sense of the partial message fragments (which I call "shouts" due to their overall tone).

To give you an idea of how creepy these shouts are, here are some examples of the hundreds I've saved.

(Click with your mouse to reveal them)
I told you I don't live <>>there. I don't know who you spoke with but I am gone. I enter into each planet and becom
Look in the mirror and weep and age and weep and age
Barriers are an attractant. They point out where you are hiding. I fucking told you to stop putting them up

I warned you these things were not fun to read.

I have yet to find any shouts that appear related, but the tone and style of writing feels pretty consistent (I don't have any formal training so take that with a grain of salt).

I did find that in rare situations, shouts contained a linked list of additional messages replying to the shout. I call these linked lists "whispers". Here is one of the few examples...

I always seem to catch the time at exactly 11:22 on digital clocks
  • Sequencing is a good sign
  • You arent getting the right times so ignore it
  • Do not, I repeat, do not tell them the correct time because he fakes it

Using the malware as a reference, I wrote a simple client [2] and ran it on a few dozen Virtual Machines and connected to the network to see if I could submit my own messages.

To my dismay, I discovered that the network is unreliable, lossy, and can only store very small chunks of data. It seems the more the content I access with my other clients the more likely that content would become inaccessible later. Even weirder, If a client that uploaded data tried to access that same content again, the file would always vanish from the entire network with 100% probability.

I have become obsessed with this network. I've shown my research privately to other colleagues who seem inexplicably disinterested or fail to understand its importance and have urged me to move on.

What I do know, is that despite the appearance of random data, the messages must be coming from somewhere. I find my colleagues lack of enthusiasm about this discovery extremely suspicious (they are engineers also, so they are normally naturally curious).

I have decided to create a web gateway to The V0id which will enable me to give anyone access to the data without needing to reveal how to connect to the network (which I found out the hard way results in people polluting it with their own messages)

My hope is to crowd source sifting through these messages and organizing them logically to hopefully reveal their source or the actors writing them.

I plan on updating this site regularly with my progress. If you are interested in this project, consider subscribing below. Once the gateway is ready, you will receive a message from me.

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I plan on updating this page regularly with my findings. If you want to keep up with my progress. Consider subscribing below.